What We Do

Our company, and the people who we employ, believe passionately in the ability for collaborative logistics platforms to build and sustain the type of trading relationships that today’s businesses demand. Whether it is a locally-based SME or a larger enterprise operating across multiple divisions, everyone should be looking to unlock the gains to be made from having access to flexible supply networks, improved visibility and operational consistency across their extended trading network. Our goal is to provide the professional tools, support and expertise to turn these aspirations into reality for every freight and transport operation.

Achieving ‘frictionless’ collaboration isn’t always an easy process. Some organisations take to it quickly, others have to work harder to unlock the gains. However, make no mistake that in an ever-changing world, flexibility and the ability to reshape business units, sometimes extremely quickly, is a vital requirement.

We offer a number of ways to engage with our different products and services. Our real-time freight exchanges are open to accredited transport operators. If the ‘public’ exchanges don’t suit your operation then you may prefer a Closed User Group solution. Or maybe you want to take just part of our product set, such as the highly flexible mobile product or compliance management tools. However you operate, and wherever you go, we would like to help you achieve your goals.

We’ve been following this path since 2000 and over the past twelve years have built up a vast repository of knowledge, experience and tools. Following an investment programme costing over £1.5 million between 2010–2013 to completely re-engineer our platform, we are uniquely positioned to drive the collaborative logistics landscape forwards, for every operator.

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